We are Shrishyama Spices Exports (Shrishyama Haridas Industries Pvt. Ltd.) and we work internationally to get you the product of your requirement for years.At Shri Shyam Aagro Exports, we devote our attention to build a strong bond and relationship with them. As a customer when you join hands with us to amplify your business requirements, we dedicate ourselves to meet, if not exceed your expectations.With a great zeal and a highly trained team, we started our journey years back as and we thrive to understand and meet our clients’ business requirements. With an increasing number of closed deals and happy patrons, we continue to build a very strong foothold in India and across the globe in several countries.

Agriculture sector being the dominating market in the Indian economy provides us with the potential to grow and lead in the sector. With the strong stand of agricultural products in the industry and the great future this industry has in India makes us thrive towards our mission to become one of the leading agricultural product exporters in India. To make sure there’s nothing lost in translation, we engage the best craftsman in the market and manufacture the products at our own facilities before delivering it to you.

Not only that in this process, we ensure to create the product in a fashion which redefines customer delight. All our products go through multi-stages verification to ensure they meet the International standards. Alongside we continuously focus on building a strong reputation that is only achieved through the smiling faces of the customers, such as you!

We aim at providing excellent products exported from India that we know would make you fall in love with it. The quality of the product and the services, we provide across all our products goes beyond comparison.

Starting from agricultural products ranging from food, grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, we have spread our wings to provide the services handcrafts and stones. We deal in furniture items, textiles, fabric, leather, hand-made articles, handicrafts, stones, marbles, granites etc. as well. In a nutshell, you name it and we have it for you.

We value our customer’s expectation and hence, proceed by understanding their requirements products and ensure the quality in products and services across the globe. We ensure smooth connectivity with our esteemed clients and have a set-up channel to redirect any customer queries or questions for quick assistance. So, let us connect to proceed for the best business deals!


  • India is a very versatile market and every few kilometers gives us a lot of diversity.
  • Due to this diversity, we observe various crops and products being cultivated in different areas from time to time.
  • As an example, India observes a total of six seasons in twelve months and that has its own and different effects in different areas across the country. Depending on the right weather and the right area a specific type of crop is cultivated and is later distributed.
  • Considering the same, our objective is to ensure to make the products available at the right time for its best utilization.
  • And so, with innovation being the key driving factor, we focus on bringing great quality products at a minimal cost and stand-out in the market while ensuring we make our customers happy!
  • While you might be wondering how we manage to create such a versatile setup at a low cost.
  • The only magic we have is the correct usage of our people and our resources.
  • Keeping in mind the trade at international level, we ensure the right practice and aim for delightful experiences for our esteemed customers’. We thrive towards a mission to be recognized as the leader for the best quality exporter in the country!

Shri Shyam Aagro is the leading export house that aims to provide the utmost variety of products at a reasonable price. The foundation of our Vision and Mission is Customer Delight Experience. We are known for our “People-Centric” culture in the industry which makes us unique from the others Shri Shyam Aagro believes in its core-value which acts as the pillars to sustain and accelerate the organization swiftly.

Our Mission and Vision are very discrete and specific in nature which is followed by the Six Core Values of Our Organization.

Customer Care

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